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With millions of titles, and over 195,000 print and digital sources, we can access all of the in-print and out-of-print titles, from best sellers to hard-to-find books, from hard-to-reach publishers. Plus, we have titles from several thousand publishers in stock. And, we constantly meet with publishers to discuss future publications.








now available from Emery-Pratt



Sturdy bindings...

Library binding significantly extends the life of the book,

resulting in dramatic cost savings over time.

Turtleback Books stand up to the heavy use associated with

schools and libraries and utilizes quality materials.



Lifetime Guarantee...

A Turtleback binding is quaranteed for workmanship and quality

of materials for the life of the book. If at any time the binding does not meet

your expectation of quality, your book will be replaced free of charge.



Popular Titles...

Turtleback Books provides a wide range of titles for children and adults.

Popular books indluding picture books, beginner readers, chapter books, young

adult novels, spanish, graphic novels and adult fiction and nonfiction.



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phone toll-free:  800 762-5683

fax toll-free:  800 523-6379

email: orders@emery-pratt.com






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